Garment Inventory System

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Objective of Garment Inventory System

Garment Inventory System is a web based application which has been developed over PHP and MySQL and runs on WAMP, XAMP or Apache2 server.. The main modules of the project is Brands,Inventory,Garments,Sales,Customers. Admin user can manage all the operations of Sales,Customers,Brands,Stocks,Inventory and their details. Admin can create different type of reports of Brands,Inventory,Garments,Sales,Customers according to their choise and filters. You can Download PHP and MySQL Project Garment Inventory System with source code and database from this site. We also provide Project Report of Garment Inventory System.

Functionalities and their descriptions of Garment Inventory System are as follows:

  • You can search records on various criterias. Such as Brands, Garments, Sales, Customers
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) application has been implemented on Brands,Inventory,Garments,Sales,Customers
  • Keep the track logs of Inventory, Stocks, Sales ect
  • Advance search has been implemented on Inventory,Stocks, Sales
  • You can see all the details of the Brands, Garments, Stocks, Sales
  • All the modules Stocks, Sales, Inventory,Customers, Brands are inter related and tightly coupled
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Sales.
  • All the Inventory,Stocks, Sales modules has their unique record ID for fast transactions and searching
  • Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource management of Brands data.

Modules of Garment Inventory System and their descriptions:

  • Brands Module : Manage all the operations of Brands
  • Inventory Module : Manage all the operations of Inventory
  • Stocks Module : Manage all the operations of Stocks
  • Garments Module : Manage all the operations of Garments
  • Sales Module : Manage all the operations of Sales
  • Customers Module : Manage all the operations of Customers

Classes and their methods of Garment Inventory System:

  • Brands Methods : addBrands(), editBrands(), deleteBrands(), updateBrands(), saveBrands(), searchBrands()
  • Inventory Methods : addInventory(), editInventory(), deleteInventory(), updateInventory(), saveInventory(), searchInventory()
  • Stocks Methods : addStocks(), editStocks(), deleteStocks(), updateStocks(), saveStocks(), searchStocks()
  • Garments Methods : addGarments(), editGarments(), deleteGarments(), updateGarments(), saveGarments(), searchGarments()
  • Sales Methods : addSales(), editSales(), deleteSales(), updateSales(), saveSales(), searchSales()
  • Customers Methods : addCustomers(), editCustomers(), deleteCustomers(), updateCustomers(), saveCustomers(), searchCustomers()

Database tables and attributes of the Garment Inventory System:

  • Brands Entity : Attributes of Brands are brand_id, brand_name, brand_company, brand_type, brand_description
  • Inventory Entity : Attributes of Inventory are inventory_id, inventory_items, inventory_number, inventory_type, inventory_description
  • Stocks Entity : Attributes of Stocks are stock_id, stock_items, stock_number, stock_type, stock_description
  • Garments Entity : Attributes of Garments are garment_id, garment_brand_id, garment_name, garment_quality, garment_type, garment_description
  • Sales Entity : Attributes of Sales are sales_id, sales_customer_id, sales_amount, sales_type, sales_description
  • Customers Entity : Attributes of Customers are customer_id, customer_name, customer_mobile, customer_email, customer_username, customer_password, customer_address

Database definition of Garment Inventory System:

  • The details of Brands is store into the Brands tables respective with all tables
  • Each entity (Customers, Stocks, Sales, Inventory, Brands) contains primary key and unique keys.
  • The entity Stocks, Sales has binded with Brands, Inventory entities with foreign key
  • There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationships available between Sales, Garments, Customers, Brands
  • All the entities Brands, Sales, Stocks, Customers are normalized and reduce duplicacy of records
  • We have implemented indexing on each tables of Garment Inventory System tables for fast query execution.

Super admin functionality of Garment Inventory System:

  • Admin can add, edit, delete and view the records of Brands, Sales, Stocks, Customers
  • Admin can manage all the details of Inventory, Stocks, Garments, Sales
  • Admin can also generate reports of Brands, Inventory, Stocks, Garments
  • Admin can search the details of Brands, Sales, Stocks, Customers
  • Admin can apply different level of filters on report of Brands, Stocks, Customers
  • Admin can tracks the detailed information of Sales, Customers, Brands, Inventory

Report of Garment Inventory System:

  • Generates the report on Stocks,Garments,Brands,Inventory,Sales,Customers,
  • Garments,Sales,Customers has been integrated with the dynamic filter. So you can filter the records run time
  • You can also import the report data into PDF of Garments,Sales,Customers
  • Excel Sheet report has also been integrated for Inventory,Garments,Customers
  • You can create the CSV reports for Brands,Sales,Stocks

Limitation of Garment Inventory System

  • Run time report generation is not available in Garment Inventory System.
  • We have not implemented the dynamic report for Brands,Garments,Sales,Inventory,Stocks,Customers
  • This project Garment Inventory System has not been developed on Model View Controller architecture, so its very complex to manage
  • Batch mode execution for Off-line reports of Brands, Garments, Customers cannot be generated.
  • Crystel report has not been integrated

Input Data and Validation of Garment Inventory System

  • We have added all the validations for input value on the modules Brands,Inventory,Stocks
  • Garments,Sales,Customers can not be submited without filling all the inout fields
  • Duplicate values testing has been implemented on Brands,Stocks,Customers
  • CSRF token has also been implemented on Garments,Inventory,Brands, Sales,Customers
  • All the Brands,Garments,Sales,Inventory,Stocks,Customers has integrated with captcha for spam protections
  • Access level validation has been implemented on Customers,Sales,Garments
  • Number and character validation has also been implemented on Stocks,Sales,Brands

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